Vendor Reporting

As per RFP instructions, Vendors are required to submit a Quarterly Sales Report within 30 days after the end of each calendar quarter. A copy of the report may be found here. Please submit all reports to the Consortia Purchasing Advisors at the email and/or the physical address below.

US Educational Technology Purchasing Alliance

3100 Dick Pond Rd, Ste E
Myrtle Beach, SC 29588

Consortia Purchasing Advisors
Attn: Reports Manager
5 Revere Drive, Ste 200
Northbrook, Illinois 60062

The USETPA contracts with Consortia Purchasing Advisors for the management of the alliance. All vendor reports and management fees are to be made payable directly to the management company.

RFP Name RFP # Public Notice Q&A/Addendum Due Date
2016 Furniture RFP 1605002 Public Notice 8/1/16
2016 Technology RFP 1605001 Public Notice 8/1/16
2019 Technology RFP 1812001 Public Notice 1/30/19
July 2019 Technology RFP 1907001 Public Notice Addendum 8/9/19
2019 Vape Detector RFP 1909001 Public Notice   Revised
2020 July Technology RFP 2007001 Public Notice   8/10/20
2021 Feb Technology RFP 2101001 Public Notice 3/5/21
2021 Aug Technology RFP 2108001 Public Notice Q&A   Due Date 09/17/21
2021 Dec Technology RFP 2112001 Public Notice   1/19/2022

Standard USETPA Appendices

Appendix A SPIN Info
Appendix B Erate
Appendix C Signature
Appendix D&E Pricing
Appendix F Piggybacking
Appendix G Approved States
Appendix H Business Category
Appendix J Summary
Appendix K Previous Response
Appendix L Prices for Cabling
Appendix M Drug Free Work Place
Appendix N Iran Divestment Cert.
Appendix O Edgar Compliance
Appendix P USETPA Membership/Subscription Agreement

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