Form 470

For all E-Rate eligible services, USETPA has issued a corresponding Form 470. This allows Alliance subscribers to skip the burdensome 470 process while ensuring that all competitive bidding requirements have been met. New 470s will be issued every January to include new subscribers.

If a subscriber or other eligible entity chooses to file an individual 470 but decides to select an Alliance contract as the winning bidder, the subscriber should include the Alliance contract in their decision matrix and then use that contract number on their 471 application.

All contract awards will be "not to exceed pricing" and will allow vendors to adjust prices lower as the market dictates. This will ensure that 470s do not become outdated during the life of the contract.

In order to use 470's filed by the Alliance without filing an individual 470, subscribers must have filled out a subscription application prior to the filing of the referenced Form 470. To find out what contract numbers and 470s you should specifically reference, please contact the USETPA or our E-rate consultant (Communications Audit Services) at 910.333.6870 or /e-rate .


Contracts that are awarded to multiple vendors will require the E-Rate applicant to conduct a Mini-Bid before selecting the vendor and filing the 471. A Mini-Bid is not required if only one vendor is able to supply the eligible service. Please refer to USAC web site for additional information or contact USETPA and we will assist you with the mechanics of the process.

PIA Review

USETPA is available to answer, on behalf of any subscriber, any questions that arise, in regards to the 470 process, during PIA review or audit. USETPA has retained an established E-Rate consultant as well as legal advice to ensure compliance with all program rules and guidelines. Please contact us with any questions you may have in regards to USETPA and the E-rate process

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