How the contracts work

Contracts are issued on a rolling basis and qualified vendors may be added after the initial award date.  We are always looking for qualified vendors and add vendors based on our subscribers demand and recommendations.

Contracts are awarded by a rotating committee consisting of the USETPA Executive Director and at least two subscriber entities. Contact the USETPA for a list of current members or if you would be interested in participating in the future.

Posted discounts are the minimum discount offered under terms of the contracts.
 All contracts are issued on a not to exceed basis and additional volume discounts may be obtained while still taking advantage of the benefits of the USETPA convenience contract.  Just ask your vendor for USETPA pricing or contact the USETPA for assistance with current specials and volume discounts.

In order to ensure that purchases can be validated as meeting competitive bidding purchasing requirements, a copy of the PO should be submitted to unless the purchase was made through a vendor supported catalogue or through the USETPA online portal.  Purchases made through the portal or vendor catalogs are automatically registered.

Alphabetical List of Vendors

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South Carolina Opinion

The USETPA obtained legal advice on the applicability of the procurement contract for SC State entities.  The opinion may be found here.


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North Carolina Compliance

Information on North Carolina Compliance may be foundhere