US ​Educational Technology Purchasing Alliance

E-Rate Compliant

 E-Rate eligible services will have a corresponding 470 issued in the name of all subscribers of the Alliance.  This will streamline an individual applicant's requirements during the E-Rate application process

Group Purchasing Power

The USETPA is an alliance that was formed to leverage purchasing power for K-12 Public and Private Schools, Libraries, and Head Start Organizations. Demand will be aggregated for larger orders.

Formal RFPs

Formal RFPs will be issued and multiple vendors awarded for each service and product. The process will be in accordance with all State and Local purchasing laws, thus reducing the administration burden on subscribers of USETPA

US Educational Technology Purchasing Alliance


As a result of E-Rate modernization and a new emphasis being placed on consortia purchasing, USETPA was founded by a number of School Districts.  In cooperation with several professional education associations, the Alliance seeks to facilitate the creation and implementation of Master Service Agreements (MSA).  The use of MSAs will allow schools, libraries, and local government agencies to leverage the pricing power of aggregated demand while decreasing the burdens placed upon purchasing departments.  All MSAs will follow a bidding process that will be compliant with  state and local laws as well as E-Rate regulations.  


  • To obtain beneficial pricing for subscriber schools and libraries
  • To reduce the administrative burden on the purchasing department
  • To simplify the E-Rate process for members
  • To utilize demand aggregation on larger orders
  • To ensure that purchasing decisions are compliant with federal, state and local laws
  • To foster an exchange of ideas among members in regards to best purchasing practices 
  • To foster an exchange of ideas among members in regards to optimal technology solutions.


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